New Installation

We offer Elevation Solution Ranging Form Gearler, Gearel , Hydroulic We offer advanced preventive and multibrand maintenance solutions...

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Elevator Modernisation

Our modernisation solutions extend and improve the life of an installation, by adding enhanced features, service, comfort and safety...

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Elevator Maintenance

We offers the option of completely replacing a elevator with the most technologically advanced products on the market for increased ...

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Why Us

A European product conforming to international safety directives.

A strong AMC/ Spare part availability (We assure a strong after sales setup with full availability of essential spare parts and sufficiemt hands to ensure minimum downtime for our machines. Moreover, our machines due to its robust construction, are design to perform under severe conditions to ensure maximum safety and comfort during its lifetime of service ).

About our work

Gilco Global's activities are centred on the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and modernisation of elevators, escalators, moving ramps and walkways.

  • Maintenance
  • Modernisations
  • Replacements
  • Comprehensive Consulting