New Installation

Traffic Analysis

As experts in managing pedestrian traffic, we can advise you and offer safe and reliable solutions. We have a consulting service for optimal management of pedestrian traffic flow in any type of building. We can advise you in order to define the optimal combination of elevators, escalators, ramps, and walkways, as well as models best suited to the real needs of your location or building.

Adequate Planning

Our expert consulting service will accompany you during the entire process, from the first contact until final execution of the project. We conceive projects in a comprehensive manner and can schedule the participation of the various parties involved. We ensure adequate planning for supply of materials in order to ensure compliance with construction deadlines.

Energy Analysis

We develop technological solutions that can allow very significant savings on a building energy consumption.

Maintenance and Modernisation

Subsidies, Financing, and Assistance

If your owners' association needs financing for its elevator installation, modernisation, or replacement project, we can provide you with information on various types of financing models, instalment payment options, and various ways of sharing costs amongst property owners.

We can also provide you with advice about different subsidies available in Spain depending on your Autonomous Community or municipality, or about the possible architectural barriers that can be eliminated, the individual income requirements for each applicant, etc.


We can offer you expert consulting regarding the elevator-related legislation in force in each of Spain's Autonomous Communities. Regulations and standards related to elevators are based on European directives, Spanish legal regulations, and additional requirements established by Spain's various Autonomous Communities.

Given the complexity of existing regulations and their diversity at the Autonomous Community level, we recommend you contact your nearest ORONA service centre to request further information.