How to choose your elevator?

When choosing an elevator from a list of offers/ bids as received from the companies in your checklist, it is important to jot down the following important criteria for evaluating:

  1. Your exact requirement: Please sit down with your designers/ team and jot down your exact requirement as in the application area (whether you need a goods elevator, passenger elevator for your residence or office building, etc), what capacity elevator are you looking at, what cabin aesthetics you are wanting, what type and finishes do you want for the doors, any special functions you want (Access control, fireman switch, intercom facility, emergency evacuation, etc) & most importantly the budget you have for the lift. Be specific in terms of what your requirements are as all these extra features, at times, can be very tough on your pocket.

  2. Safety first: Please ensure that the elevator you choose should have all safety devices ensuring door protection, safety chain for various electrical components, mechanical safety devices, Over speed governor, Automatic rescue device, etc. Lift is one of the most sensitive equipment for any building and great emphasis should be laid on passenger safety features while comparing the proposals.

  3. Fire rating for the landing doors: A minimum fire rating for landing doors in provided to you. Please review the local norms also as the same can vary from country to country.

  4. Consistent specifications: compare the technical specifications of all offers received by you (Apple to Apple)

  5. Energy efficiency: The device chosen by you should be energy efficient. Many elevators in market have efficiency rating from internationally acclaimed bodies and should be given weight-age over non efficient proposals in lieu of the operational expenditures

  6. Green: There are many elevators which are using environment friendly manufacturing standards and have lesser impact on the environment.

  7. Most importantly, a personalized and prompt service (after sales support)

Evaluate your purchase carefully analyzing them threadbare before you make the choice. Remember, evaluate the lift proposals holistically and understanding whether the offers/ bids as received are of comparable specifications/ standards and not only on price.

All the best !

Rohit kumar 29 October 2022

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