7 safety tips for using an elevator

An elevator is now considered a safe method of transportation within a building. The additional benefits include comfort, convenience, and high level of reliability. But there are some rules to using these systems ‘safely’. Whether you are using an elevator at home or in a commercial building, it is important that you follow certain safety tips as described in this guide.

1. Careful Entry & Exit

Most people walk in and out of the lift in a casual way, without looking around carefully. The next time you get in or out of an elevator, make sure to check the floor surfaces so that they are even. It is common for passengers to trip because the floors are not level. If the lobby floor and elevator floor are not at level, you should be careful when stepping over. Make sure that you don’t hit the gap between the two surfaces. When exiting the car, you should allow the elderly and children to get off first. It is also important not to push anyone.

2. Never Overload the Lift

The modern elevators come with maximum weight capacity. It is a big safety feature and you should adhere to the requirements. If you use a lift often, make sure that you know what its capacity is. The weight limits are usually printed on a label inside and/or outside the elevator. Home elevators will usually have lower capacities compared to commercial ones. Most modern units alert you when there is overloading, but it can also increase the risk of the system failing or the cables breaking.

3. Allow Passengers to Exit First

It is commonly seen that many passengers want to secure a place on an elevator, preventing others from exiting. Make it a rule to allow the exiting passengers to get off before you enter. This can prevent inconvenience to everyone and the risk of overloading the lift. If the car is full to its capacity, you should wait for the next one.

4. Stopping the Elevator

You should use the stop button only in case of emergencies. Never try to stop a running car from the hall by opening the door. You may get injured in the process. The doors in older elevator systems may not retract automatically. If the doors are closing, let the elevator go and wait for the next one. Even when you are inside and the doors don’t open, just press the alarm button. You shouldn't try to force open the door.

5. Handling Emergency Situations

It is in your best interest to get acquainted with elevator emergency situations. Make sure that there is an emergency phone in the elevator that you use. Follow these tips to handle different types of unexpected situations when inside an elevator:

· If the lift stops, you should remain calm

· You should never try to open the elevator door with your hands or try to climb out of the hatch

· Use the emergency phone. The phone is usually set to make automatic call to the elevator company.

· The elevator can also feature a help/alarm button

· There is no need for panic because there is always plenty of air in the shaft

If there is a fire, you should always use the stairs and not the elevator. Modern elevator systems will automatically return the car to the closest floor if there is power failure.

6. When Traveling with Children

When using an elevator with children, you shouldn't allow them to push the buttons. Often, children can play with the buttons for fun and this can slow down the service. It is recommended not to allow children under 12 to travel alone in a lift. They should always be accompanied by an adult.

7. Call for Professional Help

If you hear any mechanical noises from the elevator, you should stop using it and call the repair technicians. Such sounds can be related to wear and tear and damages to any of the moving parts. If the lift floor isn’t aligned with the hall floor, you should again call the experts. This can mean a problem with the brakes or cables. It is also important to get your elevator checked and maintained every month. This can help identify any potential problems and maintain the unit to work at its optimal levels. So follow these safety tips to ensure that your experience with an elevator is always safe and convenient. It is a system designed for convenience and comfort, so make sure that you keep it that way.

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