What features to look for in a home lift

A Home lift is a specific product that transports people within a space; such as, an apartment, homes, or other private property with multiple stories or uneven flooring. A Home lift complies with global standards of Machine Directive 2006 42 EC which complies to 194 parameters of safety for a lift to be installed inside a private property.

Home lifts are compact lifts for 2 to 6 persons. Conventionally, home lifts are sold with hydraulic mechanism but nowadays the same home lifts are available in Electric traction also. Home lifts nowadays are designed so that they don't require additional space for machine room, over head, or pit, making it more suitable for domestic and private use. Often, maintenance costs are also lower than a more conventional lift.


The features one should review while planning a home lift include:

  • Credibility: I personally would first start off by looking for the desired solution within the companies/ brands I have worked with and trust. Based on the different product options as available I would evaluate them further.

  • Space efficiency: As every sq. ft of usable area is precious whether one is constructing a building for their own use or to be sold further. With advent of technology, lift solutions have become very space efficient thereby increasing usable space for the customer.

  • Safety features: This is one of the foremost features one should be evaluating as lift is the most sensitive equipment. At home, where there are children and old people using the lifts, the safety features have to be more strictly kept in mind while purchasing a home lift. Some safety features one should consider are Automatic rescue device, Door safety systems, Fall prevention systems, etc.

  • Aesthetics and finishes: While one would want their home lift to be stunning, I would suggest use of glazing (either in any of the walls or the doors) to beat the claustrophobia that can be expected in home lift cabins which are usually small (as home lifts typically range from 250 Kgs to 450 Kgs). Lift manufacturers are now offering stainless steel in colors also besides high pressure laminates in wooden and other textures, etc which has increased the design possibilities for designers/ customers while choosing what's the best for them.

  • No one would compromise on comfortable ride and smooth operation of the lift machinery. Do check the decibel levels when the lift is moving, during door opening/ closing, etc as the lesser the decibels, the lower is any noise that you may hear during lift operation.

  • After sales backup should be prompt and round the clock.

  • With evolution of technology, lifts have become energy efficient. Nowadays, there are certain home lifts that consume around 1.1 KW also.


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